Founded in 1964 by Laurent Heine, the company was first selling “Bernard” engines and was known as GORMOTOR back then.

In 1988, Alain & Olivier Heine decided to take a turn and changed the company’s name to LA MAISON DU MOTEUR. The company became more and more famous, especially around Liege, mainly through professionalism, specific skills and customer-oriented policy.


Besides the “Power” division, the owners launched the lubrication department.

The “Power” division was particularly well known for the knowledge around the distribution and the after-sales service of any motorized tools.


Nowadays, the lubrication division is also known for its technical skills and its listening capacity.

The policy is to offer quality and environmentally respectful products through a personalized and flawless service. Our customer service relies on 3 pillars to provide a perfect quality/price ratio.

LEARNING: each tool needs a specific use. Our teams will guide you to reach the optimal use of your new tools.

SPARE PARTS SERVICE: mandatory if you want to access original parts and service your equipment through its whole life.


TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Professionals are available to answer any of your questions. Our members are in constant reach with our suppliers to be your top-of-the-edge advisors in development, maintenance or repair.

We developed strong relationships with global leaders in the lubrication sectors. We became through the years an essential player in the Walloon and Luxemburg areas.

In order to sustain the growth of both divisions, we decided in 2016 to launch a new structure: BELUB sa. This structure was entirely created to focus on the lubrication activity. This change was accompanied by a physical relocation in our new facilities on Rue du Petit Chêne, one more step in the development of the company.

Since 2016, LA MAISON DU MOTEUR & BELUB are here to answer your questions and provide you the best solutions in motorized tools and lubrication! We won’t let you down !