1. Shell Advance products offer protection in five vital areas: start-up, oxidation control, piston deposit control, sludge control and valve train and gear protection.

2. Engine wear begins as soon as the engine is started, so the low-temperature viscosity of lubricants is crucial for the protection and the smooth running of a bike. Tests have shown that Shell Advance oils help to maintain the right viscosity and protect the engine from the moment it starts.

3. Over time, the oil in your bike will degrade. The superior oxidation control of Shell Advance oil helps to maintain your bike’s performance and protect its engine for longer. Shell Advance motorcycle oils contain special antioxidant agents that help to counteract the oil degradation and maintain its viscosity.

4. If pistons are not kept clean, ring sticking, start-up problems or engine seizure may occur. The additives we use in Shell Advance oils help to keep piston rings moving freely, clean the engine, neutralise the corrosive acids that form as fuel is burned and maintain oil viscosity at high temperatures without causing unwanted deposits.

Shell Advance Portfolio :

Shell Advance product range has been developped for the bikers to easily choose the lubricant that fits better their bike and driving behaviour. Each product is designed for a specific bike rang. Therefore, the bikers may easily find the oil that suits best their needs.