1. System protection – From high-temperature gas turbine systems to combined cycle systems with integral gearing, the Shell Turbo range of turbine oils is designed to protect equipment from the effects of corrosion and to minimise the build-up of deposits and lacquer in turbine bearings and control valves. It includes Shell Turbo S4 GX, which is specifically formulated to provide additional protection for gearboxes in turbine systems that require enhanced anti-wear performance from the oil.
  2. Oil life – Because Shell understands the costs that downtime can incur in a capital-intensive plant, its lubricants are designed for exceptional oil life under continuous operating conditions. The products are designed to ensure outstanding oxidative stability and to resist the effects of water contamination. Shell’s manufacturing processes are tightly controlled to ensure that customers receive only the highest-quality lubricants.
  3. System efficiency – To help turbines to perform to their full operating potential, the Shell Turbo range of turbine oils is designed to have rapid air release and excellent filterability characteristics.