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Industry : Quarry & Cement industry

Extreme conditions needs the best maintenance

Our expert in Quarry & Cement industry advises you

Our added value due to Shell’s solutions for the maintenance of your equipments under extreme conditions:

1. Better protection




2. Extension of maintenance intervals: due to high quality oil allowing longer life cycles of your equipments and a better efficiency for the development of your business. 3. Energy efficiency: with a reduction of the total cost of energy. 




Shell enjoys long term relationships with the main OEM’s in the industry. Most of them consider Shell lubricants as essential component of their equipment, especially Caterpillar, Cummins, Komatsu, Liebherr, Terex or Volvo.

Harnessing the natural resources of our soil remains an important industry in our economy. Usually, these activities are taking place under extreme conditions for the equipment (for instance heat, coldness, humidity, heavy duties and vibrations on the components) which increase the constraints on the machines. These conditions require the use of top-tier quality products in order to maximize the availability of the machines and reduce the total maintenance cost. Our partnership with different actors in the industry allows us to understand the real challenges faced in your business. Our solutions will help you to ensure the reliability of your equipment under the respect of the environmental norms and OEM’s standards.


The engine oil that gets you further! Your business depends on your vehicle! You count on its reliability and its efficiency. Shell Rimula has been especially developed to protect your engine and help you reduce the maintenance costs to increase the availability of your equipment.


The lubricant for the transmission axles has been especially developed to protect the components of your gearbox. Using the top-tier products allows you to reduce the power losses, decrease the temperature and offer an improved mechanical efficiency.


Our hydraulic lubricants range developed to take your challenges. A large range used to protect the components of your equipments. Here are the advantages:

  • Fight against frictions: less frictions means a longer life for your hydraulic pump.
  • Longer life of the lubricant, longer maintenance intervals and higher availability of your equipments.
  • Better efficiency of the system with flawless transmission of the power to the different organs of your equipments.


Our range of greases for a better quality/cost ratio due to a higher protection against the frictions, a longer use of the grease and a better efficiency of the different mechanical systems. Diverse qualities are available for the different conditions of use: decrease of the noise, high temperature environments, or heavy duty.


Shell Omala, the oil for gearing that extend the life cycle of your equipment. The performances allow the prevention against the risks of breakdown and a growth of the productivity of your machines. The longer the lubricant keep its quality, the less your equipment will need maintenance. You will then be able to use your equipment longer without interruption in your production cycle.


Our team will guide you in your choices! A winning choice to improve the reliability of your equipments, find logistics solutions for your different quarrying sites and reduce the total cost of operation.


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