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Industry : Manufacturing Industry

A large range of products for your industry

Our expert in Manufacturing Industry advises you

In the industrial sector, lubricants are playing two roles:

The added value of Shell’s products use for the maintenance of your equipment takes place at different levels :

1. OEM’s Specifications : insurance cover in case of problems. 2. Equipment’s protection in your production environment: we advise nonetheless to contact us to send a specialist on-site because conditions are specific to your environment. The expert will assess with you the specific conditions of your production cycle. 3. Extension of the interval between two maintenances: This means extension of the availability of your equipment and reduction of the total cost of maintenance.


Shell built long term relationships with many global OEM’s. They consider Shell as an essential component of their equipments. We have more than 3000 recommendations in the industrial sector.

The offer includes a technical aspect as well.

Besides the on-site availability of our specialists, the technical department is at your disposal and is able to realize in-depth analysis of your oil: LubeAnalyst is a service that allows :

The manufacturing industry is a wide sector covering a large range of applications. Our industrial web contains SME’s, but also multinational companies. The main challenge to ensure the profitability is the sector is to improve the productivity of the production chain by maximizing production times, minimizing downtimes and focusing on production quality. Facing the multiplicity of applications, we provide a wide products range to meet your goals. We want to contribute to a better protection of your machines by sustaining the production rhythm and extend the maintenance intervals.


Our hydraulic lubricants range developed to take your challenges. A large range used to protect the components of your equipments. Here are the advantages:

  • Fight against frictions: less friction means a longer life for your hydraulic pump.
  • Longer life of the lubricant, longer maintenance intervals and higher availability of your equipments.
  • Better efficiency of the system with flawless transmission of the power to the different organs of your equipments.


Shell Omala, the oil for gearing that extends the life cycle of your equipment. The performances allow the prevention against the risks of breakdown and an increase of the productivity of your machines. The longer the lubricant keeps its quality, the less your equipment will need maintenance. You will then be able to use your equipment longer without interruption in your production cycle.


SHELL CORENA, the oil for compressors especially designed to reduce the friction risks and extend the life cycle of the oil.


Our range of greases for a better quality/cost ratio due to a higher protection against the frictions, a longer use of the grease and a better efficiency of the different mechanical systems. Diverse qualities are available for the different conditions of use: decrease of the noise, high temperature environments, or heavy duty.



Our range of products for slides, developed to reach your challenges. This range is especially designed to lubricate slides, tables or other power mechanisms. The oil has excellent friction features, a very good adherence and anti-wear performances. A solution to improve the metal working precision and protect the equipments on the long term.



Our team is here to guide you in your choices! A winning call to boost the productivity of your production processes, improve the reliability of your equipments and decrease the total cost of operations.


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