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Industry : Agriculture

An equipment maintained is an equipment that lasts a long time.

Our expert in Agriculture advises you

Knowing the price of the equipment investments, it is mandatory that the lubrication products reach the OEM’s standards. Our top-tier quality products cover a large range of specifications. Many of them are also developed in collaboration between Shell and the OEM’s.

1. Less sludge:

Due to active cleaning molecules in Shell Rimula. The development of sludge is prevented which allows a reduced wear of the cylinders.

2. Fight against the wear:

Due to the protecting lubricant film formed by the anti-wear molecules in Shell Rimula. The film protects the metal surfaces against the friction and prevents wear.

3. Fight against corrosion:

Due to highly performing neutralizers in Shell Rimula that protect the engine against the acids and fight against a possible development of corrosion.

The agriculture industry remains essential in the Walloon and Luxemburg economy. Many farm companies already trust our solutions which help them taking care of their investment in agricultural equipments. Shell products that we suggest ensure an operational reliability for the whole equipment: to extend their life cycle, to reduce the maintenance costs and to offer a constant availability. A mandatory asset, especially during seeding and harvesting periods. Aware of the difficulties of the sector, our solutions aim to reduce the total cost of your maintenance, and guarantee the necessary reliability for the profitability of your activities.  


The engine oil that gets you further ! Your business depends on your vehicle ! You count on its reliability and its efficiency. Shell Rimula has been especially developed to protect your engine and help you reduce the maintenance costs to increase the availability of your equipment.


The lubricant for the transmission axles, has been especially developed to protect the components of your gearbox. Using top-tier products allows you to reduce the power losses, decrease the temperature and offer an improved mechanical efficiency.


Our hydraulic lubricants range developed to take your challenges. A large range used to protect the components of your equipments. Here are the advantages:

  • Fight against frictions: less frictions means a longer life for your hydraulic pump.
  • Longer life of the lubricant, longer maintenance intervals and higher availability of your equipments.
  • Better efficiency of the system with flawless power transmission to the different organs of your equipments.


Our range of greases for a better quality/cost ratio due to a higher protection against the frictions, a longer use of the grease and a better efficiency of the different mechanical systems. Diverse qualities are available for the different conditions of use: decrease of the noise, high temperature environments, or heavy duty.


We also offer products from the Transnet range for the cleaning of your rolling equipment.


Our technical department is also available to help you realize the right diagnostic concerning the condition of your lubricants and equipments, and guide you to suitable solutions depending on your work environment.


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