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Industry : Automotive industry

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For the car dealers, our solutions provide a mix between an innovative product that is at the top of the current technology and marketing incentives. Those solutions aim to create a real relationship between the dealer and our team in order to:

1.Maximize the dealer’s margin:

Mainly by developing campaigns that emphasize the top-tier quality of Shell Helix.

2. Work the commercial pipeline:

By keeping existing customers and attracting new ones through marketing campaigns.


3. Deliver a service that ensures the customer’s satisfaction online :

Through technical trainings and availability of our technical experts to advise you anytime.

Concerning the actors of the automotive production chain, our team may realize, in collaboration with the production managers, an on-site analysis in order to deliver the best greasing plan.

In the automotive industry, the growing complexity of the engines and transmissions, the race to a reduced consumption and the necessity to reduce the CO2 emissions require a dedicated approach in terms of lubrication. To answer this evolution, Shell has developed its Shell Helix products range based on a brand new technology: Shell PurePlus Technology, a full synthetic oil produced from natural gas. This oil offers an exceptional level of cleanliness and protection for the engines. Shell is developing personalized solutions for different actors in the industry: franchised workshops, independent workshops, fast fits, wholesalers,… Each of those actors are in need of a solution meeting the standards of the OEM’s for the maintenance of the vehicles and allowing them to develop a profitable business. The actors in the production chain are also looking to reduce the downtimes of their equipments and increase the productivity of their processes.

Our top-tier products range offers a large choice of solutions for the maintenance of your equipments.


Our top-tier products range offers a large choice of solution for the maintenance of your car fleet: Shell Helix oils have been especially developed with world leaders in the automotive industry such as Ferrari, BMW, KIA, Hyundai, Suzuki,…

A triple action for your driving experience:

  • Maintenance of your engine as clean as new, performance and reliability
  • Reduction of the frictions
  • Protection against wear

Shell Helix products range is a whole range able to cover all the needs of the automotive industry. The lubricants are tested under extreme conditions such as F1 race tracks with Ferrari. The performances are then transferred on the road, in your engine, for the driver!

Recently, Shell has launched a new generation of engine oils based on synthetic oil from natural gas, Shell’s PurePlus technology. The advantages of this revolution are translated to:

  • A higher performance in extreme levels of temperature (high or low). For a better lubrication of your engine during starts and pre-warming phases.
  • Fewer frictions between the different components of your engine resulting in a possible reduction of your gas consumption.
  • A superior cleaning power to prevent any sludge in your engine, resulting in top performances of the engine anytime.

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Tools such as Shell LubeMatch and Shell LubeAnalyst are also at your disposal to advise you.

A winning choice for your vehicle… Quality oil means a better reliability of your engine and a global reduction of your maintenance costs.


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Rue du Petit Chêne, 6 à 12 – 4000 Liège BELGIQUE
Rue de Drinklange, 2 – 9911 Troisvierges – G.D. Luxembourg

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