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Industry : Metalworking Industry

Require the best for your car

Our expert in Metalworking Industry advises you

Our added value thanks to the use of our solutions :

1. High quality oil for metalworking

2. Extended oils life cycle 3. Follow-up service
4. Reliable supply 5. Logistics team 6. Higher efficiency to help you develop your business


Our partners, Shell, Houghton & Quaker built long term relationships with leading OEM’s and main actors in the field.

The metalworking industry is an important part of the Walloon economy. Alongside the large companies in the steel industry, we encounter many smaller SME’s in the metalworking and especially in high precision machining. The conditions of their profitability are partially concerned by the strict control of their production costs. Our solutions are designed to increase the production process efficiency while ensuring the respect of the health, environment and security norms.

  • Metal-working products : mainly through Adrana, Garia, Macron, Metalina, Sitala, Hocut and Houghto-Grind ranges
  • Metal-forming products : through Ensis & Fenella
  • Metal-protecting products : through Ensis & Rust Veto
  • Specialized hydraulic fluids such fire-resistant products : through Cosmolubric, Hydrolubric et Houghto-Safe
  • Cutting fluids such as Quakercool et Quakercut ranges
  • Deformation fluids such as Quakerdraw range
  • Hydraulic fluids such as Quintolubric
  • Anticorrosion protection such as Ferrocote range
  • Detergent products such as Quakerclean products

Our hydraulic lubricants range developed to take your challenges. A large range used to protect the components of your equipments. Here are the advantages:

  • Fight against frictions: less friction means a longer life for your hydraulic pump.
  • Longer life of the lubricant, longer maintenance intervals and higher availability of your equipments.
  • Better efficiency of the system with flawless transmission of the power to the different organs of your equipments.
  • SHELL TONNA: Our range of products for slides, developed to reach your challenges. This range is especially designed to lubricate slides, tables or other power mechanisms. The oil has excellent friction features, a very good adherence and anti-wear performances. A solution to improve the metal working precision and protect the equipments on the long term.


Our team is also at your disposal to help you realize the best analysis concerning the situation of your equipments and to guide you to specific solutions.


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Rue de Drinklange, 2 – 9911 Troisvierges – G.D. Luxembourg

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